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Brogue punch 2.5mm 3 holes

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brogue medallion 2brogue kopiëren

Making Brogue Style Leather Goods

Multi Round Punch is a heavy duty punch with various holes for creating intricate perforated patterns. It is used to make Brogue style shoes, bags, wallets, keychain, straps and so much more. As you handle and use your Multi Round Punch, you'll notice that it is super easy to puncture holes forming a pattern along an edge and also to decorate any area to create a "medallion". Varying the spacing of the holes create intricate patterns on small and larger projects.

33795-11 Brogue punch 3.5 mm 3 gaten33795-01 Brogue punch 2.5 mm 3 gaten

How to create a continuous pattern:

1. Draw a guideline along the edges of your project.
2. Punch first set of holes, then set your punch tube(s) in the last hole(s) you made and follow the curve of the edge. Continue this process until you've go all the way around the edge. 


How to create a medallion:

1. Mark the center point of your pattern.
2. Punch first set of holes and pivot your tools to punch the next set of holes.
3. Continue to pivot your tools until you've created the desired effect.

brogue medallionbrogue medallion 2


Title Brogue punch 2.5mm 3 holes
Article number 810.2.5bro

We recommend using a wooden, nylon or rawhide mallet to preserve your stamps and setters from wear.

For the large 2d-3D stamps we advise you to use a mallet at least 300 grams.

We advise using a nylon cutting block with a piece of thick leather on top.

This will expand the life expectancy exponential.

Make sure you have a solid non springy foundation/worktop.


Never use a wood or metal as a base in combination with knives or punches!

The incorrect use of our products will not be compensated!