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Fiebing Leather dye yellow Yellow - small bottle

Fiebing's_LeatherDye_newPermanent spirit-based dye. Can be applied with wool dauber. Finish with acrylic resolene.


Tip: Use on top of the black leather dye, black resolene. This deepens the colour! ( en makes the surface water resistant)

Brand Fiebing
Title Leather dye yellow Yellow - small bottle
Color yellow
Contents 118 ml
Article number 814.43a27

The use of adhesives, solvents and paints is at your own risk. This applies to both your health and the way you use these products.

Make sure that you ventilate the space sufficiently and use protection for your skin (gloves), eyes (glasses, if splashed) and protection of nose and mouth in case you use spraypaint.

Colors may differ from the original. This may be due to different supplies / paint baths and of course the display settings of your computer or tablet.

When you use penatrating dye the color of the leather (base) has an effect on the results. When you use a darker leather as a base, the final color will also be darker.