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Fiebing Resolene kleurloos small bottle

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A flexible, durable waterresistant surface coating for dyed, antiqued or polished leathers. Dries to a mellow gloss.




Directions for use



  • Content: 118 ml / 946 ml / 3,79 liter
  • It is a finish that is water-resistant and dirt-resistant (up to a point of course).
  • It stays flexible and works best with two thin layers (always make sure the pro dye or leather dye has dried sufficiently).
  • One of the pros of the product is that you do not need to reapply every few years (like leather oil or dressing etc).
  • The Resolene leaves a glossy shine on your product.



  • Acrylic Resolene is rendered useless upon freezing.
  • Standard 14 day return policy. ( read the terms and conditions here: https://www.boomsmawebshop.com/t/faq/returns).
Brand Fiebing
Title Resolene kleurloos small bottle
Color clear
Contents 118 ml
Article number 814.12
  • The use of adhesives, solvents and paints is at your own risk. This applies to both your health and the way you use these products.
  • Make sure that you ventilate the space sufficiently and use protection for your skin (gloves), eyes (glasses, if splashed) and protection of nose and mouth in case you use spraypaint.