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Synthetic crystal rivets small Ø 6 mm (per 10) darkblue / donkerblauw

Ø 5 mm Ø 6 mm   Ø 7 mm  Ø 10 mm
 Crystal: Ø 4,5 mm  Crystal: Ø 5,5 mm  Crystal: Ø 6,7 mm  Crystal: Ø 10 mm
 Cap: Ø 5,2 mm  Cap: Ø 6,6 mm  Cap: Ø 7,7 mm  Cap: Ø 11 mm
 Post: 3,5 mm  Post:  3,5 mm  Post: 4 mm  Post:  4 mm
 Material: Acrylic stone

 Finish: Nickel plated

 Pack Size: 10/PK

 Set with: Rivet setter ( 816.05a1 )

Kleurkaart synthetische kristalholniet klein_engels

Title Synthetic crystal rivets small Ø 6 mm (per 10) darkblue / donkerblauw
Article number 815.3515

Colors may differ from the original. This may be due to different supplies / paint baths and of course the display settings of your computer or tablet.

When you use penatrating dye the color of the leather (base) has an effect on the results. When you use a darker leather as a base, the final color will also be darker.

Sierholniet met kristal aanzetten kopiërenSetting these rivets

  1. Lay the rivet head down on a piece of thick soft leather. (you do not want to hit directly on the stone or damage may occur)
  2. You punch a hole into the leather. You slide the hole over the post of the rivet.
  3. You click both parts together with the leather inbetween.
  4. Then you place the Rivetsetter on top of the cap of the rivet (not the part with the stone). You then hit gently on top of the Rivetsetter setting the decorative rivet.

Domed Rivetsetters will not work!